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Xmas Word Puzzles

A special Christmas edition of the popular Word Puzzle game. Xmas Word Puzzles, game these festive puzzles are sure to keep you on your toes this holiday.

Get ready for a wordy Christmas! Help Santa find the missing letters from his NORAD tracking screen by solving these challenging word puzzles. They're disguised as Christmas-themed screensavers, but they're much harder than they look. Each screen is full of traps, locks, and tricky hidden words that will challenge your vocabulary and test your memory. Discover the hidden words in 10 exciting levels and have a merry.

Get into the winter spirit by solving these Christmas Word Puzzles. Test your vocabulary and spelling skills as you uncover hidden words and phrases. Each puzzle has a different difficulty level so everyone can take part. These Christmas Word Puzzles will keep you entertained all season long! Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score or just let them serve as your virtual study buddy. Fast, fun, and challenging, they’re perfect for keeping your mind active over the holidays. Don’t stress – we’ve got easy, medium, and hard puzzles so everyone can join in on the fun. Check them out now!

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